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High School Resume Template

February 6th, 2021

Resume Templates

Resume templates are the readymade formats made available to save your time required for writing a CV. These templates are written by professionals, experts or developed from several online tools. This template provides you the appropriate format, sections and guidelines for including corresponding details in these sections.

When you are applying for the job after completing your high school, your high school student resume template should include the details describing your academic accomplishments, existing skills, project details, etc. All these details together will be helpful in getting you an interview call. Here is the sample template for high school student resume who is applying for some job.

Sample Template

Haley G. Holland
1664 Bottom Lane
Tonawanda, NY 14150

Career Objective
[This part lists the career goal of the applicant. It must tell the employer what you can offer to the company if you are hired].

• Highest degree, Year of passing
Name of College/ University, Address

• Next highest degree, Year of passing
Name of College/ University, Address

• Job skill 1
• Job skill 2
• Job skill 3

[As this is a high school student resume, there will be no work experience details to list in this section. You can list the details of your academic project or internship in this part].

• Project Name
• Duration
• Description about Project
• Responsibilities handled by you

[Your key accomplishments can be listed in this part. These achievements can be your short term goals that you had decided to accomplish and fulfilled them successfully. Your academic accomplishments can also be listed here].

• Achievement 1
• Achievement 2
• Achievement 3

Areas of Interests
[You can list about your areas of interest here. Make sure that these are in accordance with the position you are applying to].

Personal Details
• Name –
• Date of Birth –
• Nationality –
• Gender –
• Marital Status –

• Name of the Reference –
• Designation –
• Address –
• Contact Details –
• E-Mail ID –

The above high school student resume template provides you guidelines on writing the CV for any job position. Going through the template you will see that the education section is listed before key skills and experience section. This is done because there will be no work experience to grab the attention of the employer. Most fresher jobs will need candidates those are well qualified for the job. Listing the education section in the beginning will show them that you possess the necessary educational qualification essential for the job. Also, as you don’t have work experience, you will obviously not possess the job relevant skills.

Transferable skills alone will not be sufficient to convince the employer about your suitability for the job. Hence, educational details in high school resume are listed before these sections to show employers that you are at least qualified to apply for the job and deserve the chance to prove yourself.